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Hi, I am Cherese, The foundation of our classes focuses on improving the physical with breath, coordination, strength, stretch and mental connection. The aim of my classes are to aid in enhancing your quality of life by focusing on correct muscular recruitment and joint mobility through out the body. Would you like to find out more about Pilates with Cherese?

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What is Pilates

Pilates is a type of exercise which focuses on strengthening the whole body with an emphasis on the core

Benefits of Pilates

Practitioners say by practicing regular Pilates, can help improve your posture, balance, control and overall strength

What Pilates with Cherese offers

I offer group classes, private/semi-private and Corporate classes. Currently online and my privates online and in person.


All my classes are currently online and some privates in person. Under normal circumstances I would be teaching in the South West of London. 




"Cherese is an excellent Pilates teacher, she seeks to understand the different needs and boundaries within her class which makes the experience comfortable and engaging. She puts you at ease and has a clear teaching style, I've loved being part of her class!”


“...Cherese ensures that exercises are individualised if needed in the class to account for injuries or difficulties and finds the ‘just right’ challenge. As a physiotherapist and cyclist myself I am often impressed by the knowledge Cherese has of anatomy and exercises to stretch or strengthen specific areas. Cherese’s skill as an instructor is testament to why I keep coming back.”


"I've been through enough instructors in my time to know which ones are worth sticking with, and as I mostly pay for motivation and to feel looked after I'm an extremely tough customer. Sticking with Cherese has been the best health decision I've ever made!"

"Change happens through movement and movement heals'

Joseph Pilates 

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