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“Cherese is an extremely, patient and supportive teacher.  Although it is a group class, she carefully monitors each one of us, adjusting our positions where necessary and altering exercises. 

We end a class feeling two inches taller and a lot more relaxed than when we started.

She has also worked preparing my teenage son for his leg lengthening procedures and aiding his rehabilitation afterwards.”   


"Cherese is a talented and very experienced pilates instructor. Her classes are well planned and that is evident in the flow and the execution of the exercises. Her classes are varied and exciting as we try new exercises every week. Cherese is clear in her instruction and corrects our positions whilst also encouraging ourselves to push our limits. I trust her knowledge and skill to navigate me through all the exercises safely. My posture and all over mobility has improved immensely and I can’t imagine not doing pilates weekly. It is my time to reflect and align myself. Cherese got me into pilates and she is the reason I go back for more.”


“I have been attending pilates with Cherese for a number of years.  She understands the body and movement perfectly and is always able to deliver a fun and challenging class to improve both.  Her methodical approach to pilates have been instrumental in my recovery from running injuries. She is always keen to correct posture and her ability to taper every class in such a way to ensure that everyone gets the most of it is a real skill.  I give Cherese my highest ratings and will happily continue attending her classes.”


“I am very happy with the pilates classes offered by Cherese Binedell. I find her classes varied, well structured and challenging. Cherese also takes the time to check we are all doing each exercise in the right way. Her teaching style is easy to follow and as a person she is very supportive. I thoroughly enjoy her classes.”


“I’ve been attending Cherese’s Pilates classes for over 10 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’m making under her instruction. Cherese takes the time to speak to/help everyone in the class, whether it be a friendly hello at the beginning, or helping people with their form throughout. Cherese is always very sympathetic to anyone with injuries and offers quiet advice/alternative exercises so as not to embarrass anyone. Cherese never admonishes anyone; everything is explained, and you can feel the difference once you adjust your form. During the term, the difficulty has increased gradually but under careful instruction and at a pace that suits everyone. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my flexibility and balance because of this."


"I started going to Cherese's Pilates when my post-baby lower back aches and pains kicked in, and I was finally persuaded by a physio that Pilates was the answer. Cherese pretty much fixed my immediate troubles within 6 months....and 6 years later I'm still going because it's such an enjoyable, relaxing yet strength building, antidote to my work life where I'm pretty much locked to an ill fitting computer desk all day.


Her classes flow beautifully, are different each week, work each part of the body in turn and have levels for everyone. She demonstrates clearly, describes the moves and the reasons for them and uses metaphors to help us understand. Most importantly she teaches. She is not an instructor busy on her own moves; after a demo she is walking around adjusting and checking us and making sure we are learning and improving. She is always looking and always spots if you've a puzzled look. She's discreet about people's needs so you know she's looking after you, but you don't know what everyone else's weaknesses are."


"I joined Cherese's Pilates about 2 years' ago after a friend's recommendation. I was suffering from bad posture and a general muscle ache/tightness and her classes have been a God send! I often describe them to others as a self massage as that's how relaxed I feel at the end of each hour. Cherese is very good at providing variations/individual attention to accommodate everyone's ability, and walks around the class fixing alignments so that we get the best out of each exercise. She often incorporates resistance bands, hoops, balls etc to the classes which provides variety and challenge to try something new."


"I have attended a number of Pilates classes over the years but Cherese is by far and away the best teacher I have been taught by. 

She explains and demonstrate the exercises well, develops things at your pace and mixes the classes up so they are never the same. She watches that you are doing the exercise correctly ensuring you get the best from the class and takes into consideration any injuries you may have. She is friendly and approachable but always keeps the class flowing and is not too familiar.

I couldn't recommend Cherese enough."

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